7 Martial Arts You Might Want to Try ...

By Denise

Martial arts are activities that engage the whole body, giving you an intense workout in a short span of time. By no means are martial arts easy. In fact, they are challenging to the mind and the body. So if you are looking for something to spice up your workout plan, here are 7 martial arts to try.

1 Capoeira

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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that was developed during the 1600’s by African slaves. Capoeira combines music, dance, song, combat, and spirit. Practicing it helps your concentration, rhythm, flexibility, and endurance. Capoeira opens up your mind and spirit, thus helping you discover yourself even more. It would be best to start Capoeira when you have a medium to high level of fitness. This martial art takes a toll on your whole body so be aware of any aches and pains.

2 Kickboxing

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Kickboxing originated from Asia thousands of years ago. This martial art sport involves kicking and punching. It gives you a high-impact workout with focus on your arms, core, and legs. Do not start kickboxing if you’ve never been active in your whole life. It is a demanding sport and can seriously injure someone who is not ready. If you train for the sport, be ready for full contact during sparring. But if you just want to train for fitness, then there is a form called aerobic kickboxing. This form combines certain elements of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts.

3 Wushu

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Wushu is a Chinese exhibition and full-contact martial art. There are two disciplines. Taolu is the discipline wherein competitors perform different routines. Taolu involves your whole body when you perform sweeps, balances, kicks, punches, jumps, throws, and different stances. You can perform using your bare hands, or with weapons. The Sanshou discipline involves full contact combat with your opponent. Wushu is a martial art that is beautiful in forms and stances. However, it is very challenging to practice. This would be wonderful, though, for someone who wants to take exercise to a whole new level.

4 Tai Chi Chuan

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Tai chi chuan is another Chinese martial art. It teaches you self-defense and meditation; it also promotes good health. Tai chi chuan training involves the whole body when you execute the different forms and the self-defense techniques. If you want a full-body workout, then you can definitely find that in Tai chi chuan martial art training. However, if you are not interested in self-defense training, you can also practice Tai chi for its health benefits. Studies have shown that Tai chi helps relieve stress and improve mood and heart rate.

5 Boxing

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I’m sure that boxing is nothing new to you. It is a martial art and combat sport that involves fighting using the fists. You don’t have to engage in sparring sessions or boxing matches to reap the benefits of this martial art. The training for boxing is more than enough to provide a good workout for your whole body. There is a type of boxing workout called cardio-boxing. It starts with cardio followed by a workout involving boxing techniques. Whatever boxing workout or training you try, be sure that you start at your appropriate level. Learn to punch properly to avoid injuries to the shoulders and the arms. Get a trainer if you have to.

6 Tae Kwon do

Tae Kwon doPhoto Credit: channelapa.com

This martial art is also called Korean Karate. Tae Kwon Do gives you a mental and physical workout. Your body is developed through exercise and conditioning. Different exercises used in this martial art develop muscles and physical strength. You can also improve your coordination and mental sharpness by trying to remember the different patterns. The great thing about Tae Kwon Do is that you can start training at your fitness and skill level.

7 Judo

JudoPhoto Credit: judo_dad1953

Judo is a martial art and combat sport that came from Japan. Competitive judo involves rolls, throws, grappling, joint locking, strangles, and chokes. Strength training is important in judo. However, technique is equally as important. You don’t need to be scared if you are not a very strong woman. You can still perform judo moves if you know the proper technique. There are other techniques involved in judo such as strikes and thrusts that also give additional workout to your upper body. Judo training is a fun and challenging way to lose fat, build muscle, and increase your metabolism.

I have personally tried to be fit and healthy through martial arts. It is not easy but it is also very empowering and rewarding. How about you? Are you ready to give yourself a mental and physical challenge?

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