10 Things a Fitness Trainer Wouldn't Ever Think about Eating ...

By Tara

As a fitness trainer for well over a decade, if you want to walk the walk and see the results you cannot just talk the talk. You have to eat, breathe, and sleep fitness and health. It has to be something that is ingrained in your mind and what drives your food decisions. A true trainer will not eat certain foods because they are just that bad for you. So let me share my tricks and tips on the foods you should most certainly avoid and the healthy alternatives to a leaner, healthier and happier life!

1 White Bread

hair, clothing, blond, hairstyle, head,Most nutritionist and trainer know what you should know about white bread! White bread is one of the absolute worst foods you can eat because it is white flour that gets processed as sugar in the body. Skip the unhealthy white bread to save your waistline and better your health and swap this for whole grain bread. Whole grains are complex carbs you will feel full for longer and this will aid your weight loss goals.

2 Donuts and Other Processed Baked Goods

clothing, hairstyle, glasses, human body, neck,Move over muffin and donuts to say hello to a leaner body! Although baked goods may be convenient this is literally diet sabatoge. You will not see your trainer snacking in this because of the high sugar content and preservatives. Donuts can literally sit forever without altering the look, if it packaged at least. This is because of the preservatives. Sugar also increase inflammation in the body which cause weight gain and bloating. So follow my trainer tips and avoid donuts and other processed baked goods. If you really want it, create your own healthy version.

3 Buttered Popcorn

food, dish, kettle corn, breakfast, meal,For countless years advocates on health have attempted to have bans put on food dyes due to cancer causing and hyperactivity in children. And this is most certainly what a trainer will avoid. Buttered popcorn has Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 in it which has been proven to promote cancer. So skip the buttered popcorn and air pop your own to add a dash of Himalaya salt. This will improve the nutritional quality and help you to avoid weight gain!

4 Frozen Dinners

dish, food, cuisine, produce, land plant,Although frozen dinners are ultra-convenient, they are processed, loaded in preservatives and high in sodium. Instead of going the lazy, unhealthy route, create a vat of soup or several meals for the week. You can even freeze and defrost when ready for your next healthy meal. Save on money, calories and avoid processed unhealthy foods!

5 Frosting

food, pink, dessert, buttercream, cake,Even though that pink colored frosting may look and taste great, if it comes from a tub on the store shelves, so seriously run the other way like a trainer would. Frosting is one of the few items in the grocery store that still has trans-fat. Trans-fat can sabotage your health and your waistline. So skip the store bought version and great your own healthy icing!

6 Artificial Sweeteners

human positions, sitting, street, fashion, spring,When you browse the store shelves do you purchase the low calorie, artificial sweetener version or the regular sugar? These sweeteners are sweeter and can lead to increased sugar cravings. They also have been proven to increase neurological problems and the risk for cancer. Try some fruit to satisfy that sweet craving. Natural sweeteners like honey or real maple syrup are also great alternatives, in moderation, of course. Natural and the real deal is always better and this is the trainers live by plan. At least this is for me!

7 Processed Meats

dish, food, meat, meal, cuisine,Cold cuts are full of nitrites, chemical flavorings, dyes, and way too much sodium. Look for nitrite-free sausages and make your own sandwich meat by cooking some chicken or turkey and slicing thinly. If you are on scrunch for time; purchase a Rotisserie chicken remove the skin and slice for your sandwich!

8 Fast Food

clothing, product, food, human body, pattern,I'm pretty sure this is a given but I'll throw it out there anyways. While every fitness buff knows it's important to have cheat days, fast food is just horrible. Full of fillers, fat, and empty calories, this is not the way to go ever. Most trainers also view fast food as lazy and will find other things worth splurging on that cost them less calories and less damage to their health.

9 Milk

bottle, glass bottle, drinkware, lighting, wine bottle,This one shocked me but I also understand it. Humans are the only creatures to drink another animals milk, and after adolescence it really doesn't have any health benefits because you can find calcium from other sources without the risks of hormones, sugar, and unhealthy fats added to milk. Not to mention milk is the leading allergy cause among people.

10 Energy Drinks and Soda

eyewear, hair, clothing, glasses, blond,Energy drinks and soda are loaded with sugar and caffeine making them empty in calories that actually sustain you. There are more natural ways to get the energy you need without the unhealthy ingredients. Take apples for example, while they have natural sugar to give you energy, they also have fiber to fill you up leaving you less hungry and without the crash.

With all these trainer tips, you know the foods you should most definitely avoid. So prep your own meals and choose whole healthy foods to nourish your body and better your health!

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