7 Amazing Gym Apparel Accessory Companies to Try ...

By Casey

What I wear and what I bring to the gym with me influences my mood and perception of the gym, so I have come to realize that there are so many amazing gym apparel companies that actually motivate me to go to the gym. From the leggings I wear to the hair accessories I use, I need the proper gear when working out. Comfort and stability as well as keeping "in" with gym fashion will keep you wanting to go to the gym. You should feel as beautiful and sexy walking into the gym as you would going out to dinner with a hot date. The proper fashion and gear from various gym apparel companies will do just that!

1 Lululemon

Lululemon has truly taken off and has completely changed my perspective on gym apparel. My experience at the gym, although it may sound dramatic, is so much more enjoyable when wearing Lululemon. Whether it be throwing on one of their comfy sweatshirts to run a few errands before the gym to sliding on their perfectly fit leggings, the company is really a one of a kind. Waking up knowing that I have fun, colorful, stylish Lululemon apparel to go to the gym to makes me want to go to the gym. There are so many phenomenal gym apparel companies, and Lulu is just one of many!

2 Nike

"Just do it," as in just go out and purchase your Nike apparel and gear! What are you waiting for? I love Nike’s tight leggings and awesome sneakers. Nike’s sneakers come in so many different styles and colors and each sneaker has a different purpose. Nike covers activities from running to training and everything in-between. Nike I.D. makes for some experience and is such a cool way to specialize your gym gear. On Nike I.D. you’re able to customize your purchase such as in the style you choose, the colors you choose, and you can even add your own initials or name. It's about that time to visit a Nike store or their website and order some fitness gear.

3 Adidas

Adidas carries apparel and sneakers for such a mix of activities. It may be basketball, running, football, soccer, or training and Adidas has you covered with some awesome apparel. With all different colors and shades you’ll never be bored with your choices from Adidas. Their most popular apparel item has to be their jumpsuit. The typical Adidas jumpsuit is perfect for when you want to head to the gym with matching gear. The perfectly paired sweatshirt and sweatpants goes great with a tank or t-shirt and if you’d rather it not be so match-y, have some fun with the color or print when choosing a tank or t-shirt.

4 Under Armour

Talk about funky, the recent sneaker designs and patterns from Under Armour have been so groovy and interesting. Finishing your outfit with a pair of these kicks will keep your gym outfit fun and young. Throw on some incomparable Under Armour leggings and great fitting sports bra to prepare yourself for the gym, a hike, or some other outdoor or indoor activity. If you need to bring a change of clothing for your post workout, Under Armour has you covered with a bunch of different duffel bags. From duffel bags to a wide selection of apparel, Under Armour has you covered in the gym apparel department!

5 Spanx

When you think of Spanx you typically think of their intimates or body shapers, but guess what, they carry gym apparel too! Carrying skorts (skirt-shorts), shaping compression shorts, leggings, tops, and more, Spanx has all the apparel you need to head to the gym looking amazing. You’ll absolutely adore the Contour Jacket. It’s the perfect touch to a gym outfit on a chilly day. The thumb holes are good on a chilly day since it creates a motorcycle-type glove for your hands to keep them toasty. The collar keeps it sophisticated and gives the jacket a nice boost. All-in-all Spanx’s active wear will have you in the mood to go to the gym.

6 New Balance

New Balance has definitely found a new balance between fashion and comfort for the gym. New Balance also has a large span when dealing with apparel. Starting with the fitness capri, to training shorts, to the impact tunic tank top, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what New Balance really has to offer. Keep your feet comfortable in New Balance sandals for your usage of the pool at your gym, if your gym has a pool, or sneakers for your weight-training, cardio workout. To mix up your gym section and selection in your closet, throw in some New Balance.

7 Reebok

Reebok is awesome for not only your typical gym training, but cross-fit training as well. I am addicted to their t-shirts. Their t-shirts have some of the most motivating and fun sayings. When you’re jogging on the treadmill or doing a set of weights and are ready to give up, you’ll be able to read your shirt in the mirror and remind yourself why and what you are at the gym for. If you’re running to a catch a yoga class, throw on Reekbok’s yoga hoodie. It’s a wonderful throw-on when jetting to the gym. Reebok’s apparel and gear will keep you craving the gym!

There are so many fabulous gym apparel companies. My closest is filled with a variety of companies so that I never get bored and always have something different and fun to wear to the gym. After leaving the gym, I feel good and take pride in what I look like, even if I do look a bit like a mess. Believe it or not, the better you feel about yourself at the gym, the harder you’ll work, and therefore the better the results. Look hot, feel hot, be hot! What gym clothing companies and accessories do you have in your closet?

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