9 Amazing Leg Workouts That Will Give You Fantastic Results ...

By Berrion

Now that winter's come and gone, your leg workouts will pay off as soon as you slip on something that shows a bit more leg. These 9 amazing leg workouts will give you fantastic results that will make your legs irresistible. I use them in my daily leg regime and I can definitely say that I’ve got some awesome compliments on my legs. If you’re ready for shorts, skirts, and dresses then these 9 amazing leg workouts are for you.

1 Box Jumps

Box Jumps have got to be my favorite part of leg workouts. At the end of my workout, I do my box jumps and they are the biggest pain. I know after I do them my legs look great, but they feel awful. The benefit of a box jump is that it truly works all muscles in your legs! It works your quads, hamstrings, and your calves. You’re targeting your entire lower body! If you haven’t done these yet, get to it! Start with low to moderate sets, and whenever you’re ready, max out, and if you’re feeling really daring I suggest you add 45 second wall sits in between each set.

2 Lunges(forward and Backward)

Of all the leg workouts I’ve tried, every single one has included lunges forwards and backward. The best part of doing lunges during your leg workout is that lunges zoom in on perfecting and strengthening your quads and hamstrings. Not only does it target those two areas, it also incorporates agility and balance, which helps in other areas of fitness. If you’re already a pro with lunges, try using Kettle Bells or dumbbells to add some weight and challenge you a bit more.

3 Glute-Ham Raises

Glute-ham raises are somewhat new to my leg workouts, however they’ve perked up my glutes and toned my hamstrings. While laying on your stomach, apply ankle weights that add a bit of resistance, then curl your legs back. After about 3 sets of 12 you’ll definitely start to feel the burn. In no time, both your glutes and hamstrings will look fantastic!

4 Squats

Ladies, by now I’m sure we’ve all heard that squats are best for making our behinds look larger, well I’m here to let you know that squatting is an amazing aspect of leg workouts and they are a must! Yes squats do help with lifting and toning the behind, but they also tone and define the hamstrings, quads, and calves. Squats are a quadruple threat and are must if you decide to do leg day!

5 Leg Lifts

Leg workouts that include leg lifts may seem extremely obvious, but it never hurts to mention the benefits. Leg lifts work best when you push your leg back or kick your leg up and you’re Dorsey Flexing. When you do this range of motion it causes your body to focus on 3 major areas that make your legs look super sexy!

6 Side Plank Lift

Side Plank Lifts are one of the hardest aspects of my leg workouts, yet I’ve found out that they not only benefit my legs, but they also benefit my core. Side Plank Lifts come in different variations, so it’s up to you to choose which is best for you I suggest doing 4 sets of 12-15 depending on which variation you’re doing. When it gets hard, don’t give up remember why you started girl!

7 Plylo Lunges (60 Seconds)

I’ll admit, plylo lunges and I definitely have a love hate relationship during my leg workouts. I can say this much, by the time you get to 30 seconds you’ll more than likely feel as if you’ve been doing it longer than that. No matter what your state of mind is, just remember that it’s working your legs and your core so you’re stronger than what you may think!

8 Dead-Lifts

Ladies get your lifting belts ready and dare to do a dead lift at the beginning of your leg workouts. I suggest doing this at the beginning of your leg day just because it does require a lot of the body. Dead lifts work your whole body and you really need to have your body in the best condition if you’re to do this aspect of the workout. Everyone is so different when it comes to dead lifting, if this is your first time attempting a dead lift I would suggest just lifting the bar until you get the form perfected and go from there.

9 Hang-Clean

Okay ladies here’s the hardest part of my leg workouts right here! Personally, I choose to do light cleans my first leg day of the week and then from there I increase my weights on every leg day thereafter. Hang-Cleaning concentrates on every major muscle group of the body, and the squat down at the end helps tighten and firm the booty which is a plus. After I finish lifting all I can say, is my legs look swole and my arms match! If you’ve never tried Hang-Cleaning, please ask for help from someone who is a professional because you can potentially get injured.

I’m telling you, if you try these 9 fantastic leg workouts you’ll more toned legs a matter of weeks. I’m always looking for new things to add into my leg workouts so if you have any suggestion please share, we’d love the extra tips!

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