9 Amazing Workout Words to Know and Love ...

By Jenni

When it comes to fitness, there are about a billion trending workout words a week. From types of workouts to the things we use in them, there are a ton. Here are nine of the most popular workout words used today along with an easy definition. Learn these and you will be ready to impress any workout aficionado there is!

1 Tabata

TabataTabata is one of those workout words that has just recently rocketed in popularity. For that reason, it is first on our list. This form of a workout was created in Japan by a man named, can you guess, Tabata. It is a high intensity interval workout that only lasts 4-minutes but increases both anaerobic and aerobic results by over 20%!


HIITHIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Workout. HIIT workouts can last anywhere from 4-minutes for Tabata to 30-minutes, but are rarely longer since the point is to give the highest intensity for less time. An HIIT workout usually has each exercise done once at max effort and once at 50%. These workouts have been found to give massive results in very short amounts of time.

3 Kettle Bell

Kettle BellKettle bells are a workout weight that was created in Russia and has recently sky-rocketed in popularity here in the US. These weights are a bit different from the usual weights since they look like a cannon ball with a handle. Kettle bells are used for ballistic exercises because they are able to burn more fat and work more muscles at one time. These have gained popularity among those who with the work multiple muscles groups without "bulking up" because they build 10% less muscle than traditional weights, but burn more fat.

4 Bikram Yoga

Bikram YogaThere is a lot of controversy following this word. Bikram is a type of yoga that is completed in about 105 degree heat with about 80% humidity. The creator, Bikram, has gotten himself in a lot of hot water over the past decade with false claims and fake research. Actual research has shown that there are no real medical benefits of Bikram, but no real risks either. The 90-minute heated class will loosen ligaments, joints, and muscles to reduce the risk of injury and also cleanse your body since you will be sweating out so many toxins.

5 Pure Barre

Pure BarreThis one is new. In fact, there are still more states in the US that do not have studios than those that do. As you probably guessed, Pure Barr is a class, that uses stretches along with body weight exercises like those found in a ballet class. If you are going to this class for the first time, be sure to check their website for the dress code and bring an extra $12 for the special socks you need and they sell. These guys are quite modest and will not let you in class if the dress code is not right. Seriously.

6 Pilates Reformer

Pilates ReformerThe best word on this list, hands down. When I was in ballet I had to use a pilates reformer three times a week. Now, I miss it like a vampire misses the sun (yea, I have been reading a lot of paranormal books, guilty). Reformers are, pretty much, a platform that moves back and forth from you pulling resistance bands. Bands can vary in weight and will help tone muscles while elongating. Seriously, it is the best machine ever created.

7 Isometric Exercise

Isometric ExerciseThis is a form of exercise that has been, and probably, always will be popular. Isometric exercises are used in weight training and toning muscles. The goal of these exercises is to work those small muscles and stabilize joints by completing small movements. In isometric exercises you have a very small range of motion where the joint angle does not change at all.


BMRYour BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of calories you burn without exerting any energy. If you are trying to lose weight, this is a very good thing to know since it will give you a ballpark number of the calories you need to be eating per day. Going below your BMR, especially while working out, can be dangerous, especially if done without a doctor's consent.

9 Cross Fit

Cross FitCross Fit workouts and gyms have become super popular recently, although they started as a way for police and militants to train. This conditioning program uses gymnastics, weights, and aerobic exercise to increase cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, and endurance. If you have ever seen people pushing giant tires or swinging massive ropes, you have seen people doing some form of Cross Fit training.

Although there are, literally, tons more health and fitness words, these will give any novice or fitness enthusiast a good start. The workouts listed here are all great ways of getting fit and the tools are some of my personal favorites. What are some of your favorite workouts or equipment?

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