36 Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness for Women ...

By Eliza

For many women, fitness is a way of life and chances are there's someone on your gift list who loves exercise and makes it a priority. For that person, a fitness minded gift is a great idea. If you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Anything here makes a great gift. Don't forget to get something for yourself too!

1 Infuser Water Bottle

juice, food, produce, drink, Nuned,Price: $11.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I've recently been put on a diet, by my Dr, and his biggest advice was to cut out the soda and drink MORE water. I hate plain water, and bottled water can be expensive, so when I found out I was receiving this for review I was excited but skeptical that it would help me. I began using it a week ago and I can't put it down! First, it is gorgeous! I ordered the Teal and it is so sleek and bright. The design is easy to hold, and it has a snap-on lid that makes it easy to travel with. I have been cutting up strawberries and lemons to put in the infuser, and it makes a huge difference in the taste! I haven't drank one soda since receiving it. And yes I put it in my dishwasher nightly, it still works perfectly. Give it a try, I know you will love it as much as I do!!

2 Womens Weightlifting Gloves

glove, finger, fashion accessory, safety glove, bicycle glove,Price: $29.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
These gloves are amazing and the lifting straps that came with it were exactly what I was looking for! The gloves are firm fitting but breathable and comfort my hands with each lift. The figure 8 straps helped to protect my wrists perfectly and gripped the bar well when deadlifting over 100kg. I have recommended and purchased extra sets for my clients. No need to look for any other products as these really are the best on the market! I definitely give these a 5 star rating and look forward to future products from Fox Fierce!

3 Fresh Fusions 32oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Shaker Combo Set

product, juice, produce, drink, food,Price: $14.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I was very intrigued by this Fresh Fushions bottle to see that it is a two in one water infuser with a protein shaker coil. It is cleverly designed and holds 32 oz (4 cups) of liquid.

4 Infuser Water Bottle

drink, plant, juice, product, land plant,Price: $12.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love this water infuser! Leave the fruit in your water for a few hours and you will have a treat. I have ordered some of these for everyone in my office, and they all love it. They have commented on how much they enjoy drinking water now and how much more they drink. I will be putting some more orders in in the future. My mom and I both dropped ours accidentally and it did not break. Also a must for me is that it does not leak! You will get condensation on the outside of the bottle, so I will put a paper towel underneath but I do not worry about it leaking if I just throw the bottle in my car.

5 Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

juice, product, drink, produce, food,Price: $11.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Finally, an infusion bottle with a way to drink from it without removing the lid!

6 Jenx Fitness Best Waist Trainer

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, sports uniform, lingerie,Price: $19.99 and up at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I got this Best Waist Trainer, Waist Trimmer Corset, Lumbar Brace for myself to use it when I got to the gym and to wear it around the house. When I go to the gym I run and I love that this waist belt stays firmly around my waist. It has a strong double adjustment Velcro. It is made with high quality neoprene stretchy breathable finest fabric materials and it is also 100% latex-free. It is lightweight and comfortable, so you won't even feel that you have it on while working out. I also use it to help me improved my posture because stabilizes my entire body. My friend recommended it to me and I already feel the difference in my back when I don’t use it. I like that it is adjustable from the smallest waist to bigger ones. It tucks your belly, slims your waist, supports your back, shapes your figure, tones and firms your skin. It also provides compression to support your lower back and abdominal muscles. This product is super easy to wash, and the fabric dries quickly as well. I strongly recommend this product. I would have no hesitation buying this item again or as a present for someone! If my review helped you in any way can you please click the like button! I received this product at a discounted price in order to try it out and leave and honest and unbiased review. This does not influence my review at all. I try this product from a regular buyer’s point of view. I do not get paid or compensated in any way so I have no reason to give a good review if the product does not deserves one.

7 Bluetooth Audio Music Beanie Hat

cap, clothing, beanie, baseball cap, knit cap,Price: $39.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I LOVE this beanie! It works so well! I love being able to be headphone-free and warm. You can also wash the beanie--it's easy. Just turn it inside out, find the zipper, unzip, and gently remove the bluetooth apparatus. (It's just snugly fit into these stretchy fabric bands, so it's not hard to remove, but really easily stays put, too.) I charge mine every 3-4 days or so for just a few minutes, and it has enough power to go. (I have used it for up to 2 hours at a time.)

8 InnerGuide Planners

text, product, font, document, diagram,Price: $12.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Exactly what I was looking for.

9 InnerGuide Planner

pattern, green, aqua, design, font,Price: $28.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I originally planned to buy the Passion Planner, but it seemed like a rip off of this one. This planner is a life changer. It keeps you on top of your goals. It allows you to delve into your inner most desires for a meaningful life. I highly recommend this planner. The only downside is the unattractive and flimsy front/back covers. I customized my own on hard paper so it doesn't bend or rip over the course of the year. If you are crafty, so can you. To the creators, I highly recommend you add sturdier covers in the future.

10 YFN Sterling Silver "Strong is Beautiful" Engraved Dumbbell Barbell Gym Buff Pendant Necklace

pendant, jewellery, fashion accessory, chain, font,Price: $22.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love this item. When I received the necklace my first thought was it looked smaller than I expected. I looked at the pic (one against fingers) and saw that it is actual size. At first I wasn't sure about the size. I thought I wanted something bigger but after wearing it for a day... it is perfect.

11 Graduated Compression Socks

sock, clothing, fashion accessory, footwear, tights,Price: $8.95 and up at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
These socks are a great way to prevent spider veins!! I really needed a pair of compression socks because I've had some trouble with edema (swelling) and achy feet. It plagues me the worse after a long shift at the hospital in which I hardly sit down and walk on hard floors all day. Sometimes I can hardly walk by the time I get home.

12 Infuser Water Bottle with Unique Full Length Infuser and Insulating Sleeve

product, bottle, juice, drinkware, drink,Price: $24.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This bottle is great, it holds a large amount of water which is good for someone who makes it a goal to stay hydrated. The infuser basket on this particular bottle is a great size which allows you to add a lot of diffrent things to it, this bottle is large but also easy to hold and grip because there's silicone indents for your fingers. There are four parts to the bottle, 1. the bottle itself 2. The infuser basket 3.the strainer that the infuser basket screws into 4. the lid which fits nicely and has a metal lock and a button to push it open. This product comes packaged great in it nice labled box for those of you buying for gifts this would be easy to wrap up. There is also a plastic ring on the side which allows you to carry the bottle with one finger, this is a great option for when you have to carry other things. I own both this bottle and the 25oz Infuser bottle from InfuseFruit they are both great and definetly worth it!

13 Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

product, juice, produce, food, slush,Price: $14.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I Would like to start out by saying thank you to Kelly Fedio of One Savvy Life.This is where the magic and true customer service comes into play. I ordered this water bottle for my wife as an xmas present. The product shipped and arrived in time. Sadly the local scum of our neighborhood heisted this package among-est many others from my porch and a few from our neighbors. We jointly filed a police report and expect nothing to come of it. Queue in Kelly, I received a message from Kelly via email asking if I received the product and if everything was alright. I briefly explained the situation and left it at that. Wasn't their fault it was stolen before i could get to it. Kelly confirmed my address and sent me another (free of charge!). This arrived a few days later. This time I had the wife on alert for any deliveries. For the past 4 days I have been using this bottle religiously.

14 Brimma Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

bottle, product, drinkware, glass bottle, tableware,Price: $17.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I lost one of my beloved S'well bottles, and did not want to spend another $35-$50 to replace it. I saw a lot of potential dupes on amazon, but chose this Brimma one because of its capacity, design, and explicit use of food-grade stainless steel. Some of the other listings look like cheap knockoffs made of questionable material. Now that I have it, I am very pleased with my purchase. It looks almost exactly like the S'well in design. In fact, the designs are so similar that I can use the caps interchangeably with each other. The only discernable design difference is that the S'well has a slightly longer neck and is therefore about a centimeter taller. Personally, I like the shorter design since it is more compact with the same 17oz capacity. The Brimma performs just as well in terms of keeping beverages or cold, and not leaking when I throw it around in the bottom of my purse.

15 Jump Rope MASTERY DVD Jumping & Skipping Routines

advertising, SONIC, BOOM, SPEED, ROPE,Price: $15.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I recently picked up the Jump Rope Mastery DVD after a lifetime of failing to learn the more advanced jump rope exercises. Ever since I saw the first Rocky movie as a kid, I have tried, on and off to learn advanced jumping techniques that boxers use. Needless to say, I winded up failing to learn the coolest jumps, and would wind up giving up. When I saw this video featured professional instruction on how to use a speed rope the right way, I knew I had to give it a try.

16 Zumba Fitness Core - Xbox 360

Zumba, Kinect, gadget, xbox 360, technology,Price: $10.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:

I'm happy to say that the newest iteration, Zumba Fitness Core, builds on the improvements and makes the game even better.

17 Empower Women's Weighted Fitness Vest

Price: $32.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I am petite and this vest can tighten enough to be stay snug. There is minimal movement while running or jumping and so far I don't have any areas where there is uncomfortable rubbing. I make sure to hang it up and wipe it down after each use.

18 Baleaf Women's Workout Running Capri Leggings

clothing, pink, tights, active pants, trousers,Price: $13.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
These are my new favorite workout pants! I wear a size 10 in pants and ordered a Medium, and when I saw the pants for the first time I thought they were going to be waaaay too small (they look so tiny in the package), but they fit great! Super stretchy, not see-through, great for running (don't slide down). I want to order these in every color. Great product for the price!

19 Amira's Bellydance

Atef Name, advertising, poster, album cover, mira,Price: $15.56 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This video is probably the gentlest, non-intimidating introduction to bellydance I've seen so far. But the drawback of this approach is that you might outgrow it rather quickly.

20 Womens I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell off

t shirt, black, clothing, sleeve, product,Price: $18.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I like this tank. Because of the Junior sizing, I ordered this in a Large (I am 5'2, 114 lbs, 34-28-35). The tank fit my torso and tank comfortably--neither snug nor loose. The bust area, though, is slightly oversized for my frame (why, small boobies, why?!). Despite this, I have no regrets buying the tank. The seller shipped it fast, too. Kudos!


footwear, pink, shoe, magenta, product,Price: $25.00 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I admit I'm a gym rat. I spend probably 80% to 90% of my time at the gym. I also broke my wrist a few years back and am forced to use a wrist brace/support band with any lifting glove I use. What I've done is use a separate wrist support and then my workout glove over that. The problem with that is that when you place the glove over the wrist wrap it doesn't always close all the way and in the end your glove becomes loose. I've been looking for a combo wrist support and glove but haven't found any comparable to the ones I use to use before, which I can't seem to find. I kept doing some research I found these incredible gloves with wrist support. I received the gloves in a high end looking ziplock bag, very similar to what you would find in any sporting good store. No fancy bells or whistles when it comes to these gloves. Gloves are in the ziplock bag and when you put them on you can tell these are built. These gloves have a a neoprene hoops which your fingers go through, which makes them extremely comfortable. The neoprene material basically covers your palm fingers and wrist, so it does a good job of keep those parts comfortable. The palm of the glove has leather with a rubberized pattern which gives you added grip when you hold the bar or weights at the gym. Overall this is probably my favorite set of workout gloves, I've had a few in my time. These definitely protect it from callouses and give my hands some breathing room instead of being enclosed in a glove. One great perk about these gloves is that there is no need to break them in. In previous gloves I've had you have to work at them for a while to get the leather broken in and then it forms to your handover time. because of the material these gloves are made of there is no reason to break them in. They're good to go right out of the packaging. I will definitely be buying these again should these break down on me, like most workout gloves eventually they will breakdown from wear and tear. These are built well and will probably take a while for that to happen. For you everyday gym rats like myself, these are the perfect combination of comfort and usability. I received this item at a discounted prince in exchange for my honest unbiased evaluation of the item. These are my observations of the item and they have not been altered or influenced in anyway.

22 The Women's Health Diet: 27 Days to Sculpted Abs, Hotter Curves & a Sexier, Healthier You!

Women's Health, clothing, t shirt, muscle, sleeve,Price: $12.67 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This WH plan really does work. I would really not call it a diet, it's definitely more of a lifestyle. Nothing in it is extreme, just great suggestions to become the best version of you. I lost 25 pounds so far following the guidelines in this book and I honestly can't say enough good things about it. I was lucky enough to get the plan prior to the release of this new version of the book. I reported back weekly and provided a testimonial at the end. Again - you have nothing to lose except unwanted weight. :)

23 Fitness Gym Towel

laundry, product, arm, textile,Price: $11.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I love all kinds of microfiber towels and use them for everything from washing down my vehicles to adding them to my emergency kit. This particular towel, of course, has been specifically designed with the fitness guru in mind. It’s soft, textured for extra absorbency, and a chic white with soft gray piping all around.

24 Women's Running Tank Top

Run Now Wine Later, t shirt, clothing, sleeve, product,Price: $21.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I bought this as a gift for my mother. She adores it.

25 Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

human action, sports, arm, sports equipment, jumping,Price: $49.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I got this mini-tramp a couple of months ago. I weigh 236 lbs., and the straps haven't broken yet, so that's good. This tramp is VERY quiet. It doesn't make a sound, which means you can use it late at night when other people are asleep. The only negative thing I would have to say about this "rebounder" (that's the hip term to use) is that it is quite difficult to unfold; it was for me anyway. It comes folded in two ways, and you've got to make sure it is completely unfolded the first way before you unfold it the second way, which for me, a robust stud of 44, was quite a challenge. For an elderly person it would be impossible. I didn't assemble the hand bar. My balance is bad but not that bad. If this rebounder breaks just like my other one did (different brand) I will be undating this review accordingly. Finding a rebounder rated for 250 lbs for this price was a good deal, and so far I'm happy with it.

26 Aluminum Fitness Jumprope with Ball Bearing Handles

rein, steering part, steering wheel,Price: $19.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This is the first speed rope that I've owned, and I have to say that I'm impressed with its form and function. I didn't quite know what to expect for the weight and size proportions and am genuinely pleased with each. The whole assembly is quite compact and functions much better than the previous vinyl, cloth, leather and plastic ropes that I've owned over the years. The bearings in the handle provide a very smooth action and the rope/cable don't seem to suffer the memory issues I've experienced with vinyl ropes. The rope performs well and after trimming about a foot off, it can be folded and stored in a tube about the size of a standard toilet paper roll. The extra accessories included ( cable, ends and bolt/nut assembly) are a great addition and should have the bases covered in the event there are issues with any of those parts.

27 Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

bottle, beer bottle, drinkware, wine bottle, product,Price: $11.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
First off, I love this blue! So glad because I didn't really have a choice in color. This arrived safe and sound and on time. This is well constructed and will hold cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours and hot liquids for 12 hours. I've tried out hot coffee and let it sit on the counter for a few hours now, and when I opened it, it was still piping hot!

28 PharMeDoc Muscle Roller

flashlight, bicycle part, tool,Price: $12.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I was skeptical of this roller stick when I initially seen it here on Amazon, but someone mentioned buying one for a condition she was suffering from, so I decided to plunge in and purchase one too because I have similar issues with a different condition. I am so very happy that I did. As soon as the box arrived I tore it open because I was so excited about trying this product. This is heaven in a stick for those persons that suffer from cramps after certain workouts, or even those who suffer from lower blood circulation like I do. The great thing about this stick is that you can use it to massage yourself with ease. You may need some assistance from someone else if you do not have longer arms, but I elected my kids to help and they thought it was fascinating so they were totally obliged to assist. For those of you who have neck issues, this is a wonderful product for massaging the tension out of your neck. The only thing I suggest is pulling your hair up very tightly before trying it because the rollers will catch your hair in between the roller balls and pull it if you are not careful. I used slow and short strokes and then I would remove the stick and straighten the hair by smoothing it out and starting over again. This helped with it getting caught. Another great way to use this stick is on your knees. It does not show that on the package, but I gave it a try. My right knee has been an issue for years because I ran cross country a lot when I was younger, and I refuse to have surgery on it because it is something I can cope with. I use compression garments and massage techniques to keep it pain free and usable. Well, I decided to try rolling this stick over my knees while sitting on my buttocks with my legs stretched out in front of me. IT FELT SO GOOD!! My knee usually hurts after a vigorous workout, but after rolling this stick up and down over my knee, it felt amazing. No pain and it was not knotted up. I immediately put on my compression garment after that. No more pain! AMAZING! I will be using this stick on my knee from now on. This stick has so many great features!

29 Baleaf Women's 7" Compression Fitness Pocket Running Shorts

clothing, active undergarment, active shorts, swim brief, underpants,Price: $16.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
They are a good fit, nice coverage and will work well for working out. Regardless of if it's running, weight training or pair these with the padded cycling panties and you'd have an awesome combo.

30 Fitness & Weight Lifting Necklace

jewellery, necklace, fashion accessory, earrings, pendant,Price: $19.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
First purchase was a gift for my sister. She LOVES it. Said it is perfect. Arrived on time, and packaged as expected. After thinking about it a while, I decided to get one for myself too. It arrived in 2 days, packed very well and in a box to store it in when not wearing it. The necklace is really cute. I have already gotten 3 compliments on it--after only wearing it a few hours. The kettle bell charms are heavier, so I might put them onto a charm bracelet, or just mix and match the charms on the necklace to fit my mood. Great motivator for working out in style!

31 Runners Fanny Pack for IPhone

underpants, clothing, briefs, active undergarment, yellow,Price: $21.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I absolutely love this product! I have been running daily for the last 4 months, always holding my phone in my hand. I tried the iPhone 6 Plus arm band holder solutions, but just found them bulky and ill-fitting. Well, I no longer run holding my phone in my hand!!!

32 Exercise Ball

ball, sports equipment, ball, exercise equipment, LUDED,Price: $25.90 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I got this ball to replace my desk chair in my classroom. My office chair I had was horrible, and my back was hating me. It took some getting used to sitting on, instead of a chair, but it seems like it's making a difference already. My hips and low back aren't as sore when I leave school now.

33 Infuser Water Bottle Sport Flip-top

bottle, product, drinkware, glass bottle, drink,Price: $10.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I received my water bottle a couple of weeks ago but wanted to wait until I got a few uses out of it before writing a detailed and accurate review for my fellow Amazonians. I have never had an infuser water bottle before so I really don't have anything else to compare this to, but this bottle has been INCREDIBLE for what I needed it for!! When choosing between this water bottle and the other infuser water bottles Amazon has to offer, the thing that really won me over about this bottle (aside from the overwhelming amount of 5 star reviews) is that it was one of the only bottles that had a flip-top spout. This is SUPER important to me because it makes it such a hassle to have to twist off the cap every time you want to have a sip of water. There's also a lock on the cap that keeps the flip-top from just springing open on accident. This feature alone takes the cake for me, especially since I always have my bottle in one of my carry-on bags.

34 1ST Elite X-Sleeves

finger, arm, fashion accessory, leg, hand,Price: $17.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
The product was as represented. In fact I followed the instructions when putting them on and they fit very snugly as necessary to deliver the benefit.

35 Multi-use Seamless Headband Tube Bandana

footwear, clothing, shoe, product, fashion accessory,Price: $12.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
These headbands are a perfect fit for an average size adult female head and the stretchy material does not slip off. I love the stylish prints and colors. The only con is that the fabric is only printed on one side and the inside is plain white- that means that is it rolls up at the edges, the white part shows and it limits some of the styles you can wear with it.

36 Exercise Cards

games, advertising, GE., CLOCK, PLANK,Price: $35.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
The anatomy of the cards are genius. Depending on how/what you want to work out, this helps if you have a set idea of what you want to do.

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