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By Jordin

Toned legs are probably one of the most wanted things by many women. And why wouldn't anybody want a pair of perfectly sexy, long, lean, and toned legs? It's no secret that men like legs, but I think women like them too. A pair of shapely legs are attractive to look at and can be played up in very feminine ways! If you are wanting to whip your legs into shape for these last few months of summer, don't worry. You can do it! I have 8 easy steps to toned legs to share with you today. As with anything, it will take a little bit of dedication and perseverance, but you can do it! Just think of yourself in those gorgeous heels or that sexy bikini and keep working toward your goal of toned legs!

1 Yoga and Pilates

Core strength is the foundation of pilates and yoga. Once you master core strength, you will be surprised at how much more you can persevere toward your goal of toned legs! As a bonus, yoga and pilates both will help you to be even more limber and they stretch and work the muscles in your legs. You are going to be one bombshell after just a few weeks of doing yoga and pilates faithfully! Toned up legs are easy to accomplish if you make it a goal to do a little yoga every day.

2 Cardio and Vascular

It's absolutely essential that you incorporate some high intensity cardio into your workout routines if you want to tone your legs. Sprinting, stair runs, martial arts and running are all high intensity cardio that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, not to mention you will be satisfied with your results! Toned up legs are not very far into your future if you make sure you are working high intensity cardio into your routine! Now that's a thought to give anyone perseverance!

3 Use Leg Weights

If you are serious about getting toned legs, then this is one tip you need to heed. Many women shy away from using any kind of weights when they work out because they are afraid of bulking up or becoming too muscular. The definition of the work "toned" is as follows: "the normal level of firmness or slight contraction in a resting muscle." So in order to have toned and taut legs, you are going to need to build a little muscle! The key is in control. Yes, if you go in there and pump iron for a couple hours every day you will probably bulk up! As long as you keep it to a minimal and pace yourself, you will be just fine! Your progress will be great!

4 Go Slowly

It's important that while exercising you take it slowly. Unless it's cardio like running, cycling or jumping rope, you need to take it very slowly. This is essential for toning your legs. Stretches, weight lifting for legs or any type of lunges should be done slowly so your muscles really have a chance to work. You want your legs toned, right? Well, be patient! Don't speed through your workout routine. You need to take it slowly not only for the progress, but also because you don't want to hurt yourself!

5 Eat the Right Foods

It's pretty much common knowledge that you should eat healthy, good-for-you foods in order to stay healthy. But it's especially important when you are lifting weights or trying to get toned legs. Your body exerts a lot of energy and muscle force and you need to be replenishing it all! Drink lots of water and cut out junk foods, processed meats and sodas. Eat lots of eggs, milk, whole wheats, protein, lean chicken and fish, peanut butter, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You will notice a difference in your workouts, not to mention you skin and hair will glow and look much healthier than it did before!

6 Stretch

Stretches are important to incorporate into your workout routine for toning your legs. Stretches will help your legs to look longer and leaner while lengthening your muscles and allowing you to be able to push yourself farther and farther on your workouts. Muscles that have been stretched have a much better performance than muscles that are not stretched. Try lunges as well! No matter how you stretch, always be safe about it. You don't want to pull a muscle.

7 Have Different Routines

It's a good idea to develop a pattern on your quest for toned legs, but it's a bad idea to do the same thing every single day. You need to break up your routine and change it out so that you can be sure you are working all the muscles in your legs. Unless you want to end up with only your legs only partly toned, this is one piece of advice you should heed most definitely! If you're unsure about how to break up your routine, try this: Cardio twice a week and weights once a week. Always incorporate stretches into your routine no matter what types of exercise you do.

8 Get a Tan

Okay, this may not necessarily be a way to achieve toned up legs, but it's a great way to fake a toned look and it can even enhance legs that are already toned a bit! You can get a tan so many different ways these days. You can go to a tanning bed, you can go to a salon for a professional faux glow. You can do it yourself at home with a bottle of sunless tanner or you can rely on the good old sun to help you out! No matter which way you choose, you're bound to have success!

Don't forget that toned legs can be played up many different ways to appear even more toned! Nude heels, or heels of any kind will make your legs look smashing! So will shimmery bronzers swiped up and down your shins. Dark polishes on your toes can also enhance toned legs. I hope that my article on 8 easy steps to toned legs has been a help to you today! Do you have any additional tips for toning your legs? Comment below and let me know!

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