10 Fab Fitness Trends for 2015 ...

By Tara

Polls are in for the fitness trends for 2015 and the results are not at all surprising! Body weight training ranks at the top of the list of trends because you guessed it, this training produces amazing results! But before you get squatting, you can also try yoga, high intensity training and many other trends that made the list. But do not be convinced just yet, read to find out more about the fitness trends for 2015 and then you can choose where you want to begin:

1 Body Weight Training

Body weight training ranks at the top of the fitness trends for 2015 because it is just that incredible. Exercises like squats, lunges and even plyometric moves like the jump squat are all body weight exercises that can literally reshape your body. Look at the military exercises performed in boot camps and guess what - these are all body weight exercises! These exercises all boost your metabolism. Look for a local Bootcamp so you can enjoy all body weight training exercises with the experience of a trainer to guide you and enlist for a life changing experience!

2 High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity training (HIIT) has become the new wave of workouts. In a busy world with many deadlines, we found a way to get a great workout in a fraction of time than in the past. Perform short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest. The afterburn effect is amazing after high intensity workouts and you can feel your muscles burning for days and you also boost your metabolic rate!

3 Educating Fitness Professionals

With an even greater focus on health for 2015, more health professionals will increase their education with more certifications and schooling to better educate their clients. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better they can help their clients to achieve their goals. So get studying fitness professionals, so you can pass on more information when guiding your clients to achieve all their goals!

4 Strength Training

Strength training is still a focus this year in gyms and fitness studios because this is a vital part of a balanced training program. Some gyms will enhance these programs with strength competitions as well. So get lifting ladies! Strong women are hot and can hold their own!

5 Fitness Professionals

In 2015, more people will go into the field of being a fitness professional and this is not just becoming a trainer; there will be more nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and even food coaches. There are endless opportunities if you find your passion is helping others to eat healthy, exercise and better their wellbeing!

6 Weight Loss

This year more people will focus on joining gyms that provide food plans and dietary guidelines to help them achieve their weight loss goals. With the large number of weight loss campaigns, it is only fitting to find motivation to embark on a weight loss journey. Make 2015 your year and make sure you eat healthier along with exercise!

7 Yoga

For 2015, there will be more yoga class offering at gyms that will make you want to jump in and try this ancient practice of meditation. Yoga can have you feeling more relaxed and limber along with increasing your flexibility. And if you want to step out of your realm a bit, try hot yoga at a local studio.

8 Elder Programs

As baby boomers retire, one of their major priorities will be the betterment of their health, so fitness professionals will step in and fulfill this need. These fitness professionals will create fitness programs age specific to help these baby boomers ramp up their health and enjoy their retirement, spending less time sick on the sidelines!

9 Functional Training

Functional fitness training is going to be a new focus this year for those looking to get in better shape and prevent injuries. Functional fitness focuses on performing exercises that help your balance with exercises like the one leg dead lift and even the plank. These exercises will help strengthen your body without the stress of high intensity exercise.

10 Group Personal Training

For those looking to focus on more specific areas of their body, group personal training will be the focus this year. Group training is usually just 3-5 clients working with a trainer on specific goals. This is a great way for the client to save money while still getting plenty of attention from a certified trainer!

So tell me, what fitness trend will you try? If you say all of the above you just may become my new bestie, because I love trying all new fitness programs. And as a trainer, I try to integrate all of this into my programs because my clients deserve a balanced program. Happy New Year to you and I wish you one filled with great health and happiness!

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