Foolproof Workouts from Your Favorite Celebs That Keep Them Fit for the Big Screen ...

By Lauren

Between the screen giving close up detail, wanting to look fabulous on the red carpet and the unforgiving media which loves to point out every single flaw, our favorite celebs are motivated to work hard to achieve and keep their beautiful, fit bodies. We may not have access to their facilities or a personal trainer we can call on 24/7 but we sure can do the same fitness routines, like these:

1 Dakota Fanning Steps up to the Bar – to the Cardio Barre to Be En Pointe

Defined arms, round shoulders, chiseled abs, and a perfect booty to match are the outcome of this highly interesting and effective fitness program. Celebrities have been doing cardio barre for quite some time now, and one notable mention is Dakota Fanning who believes this fitness program makes exercising fun. Try it to get in a perfect shape while feeling like a prima ballerina at the same time.

2 Katie Holmes Swears by SoulCycle to Keep in Shape

This total body fitness program is among the list of celeb's favorite workouts because it's effective, works your entire body, and whips you into shape in little time. A body like Katie Holmes is on the other side of this fitness program – she's been doing this workout for quite some time and loves the motivational coaching that comes from SoulCycle to keep you track.

3 Get a Body like Madonna at 50+ with Surfset Fitness

Touted as a full body workout from Madonna's personal fitness trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, this routine will make you feel as if you're riding the waves, without the ocean of course. The best thing is that the program can be adjusted to suit your fitness level. It explains how you can improve your strength, balance, and endurance simply by getting on board.

4 Kim Kardashian Flies Fighting Fit High with Aerial Silks

Do you love flying? This fitness program gives you the necessary support required to be in the air – the support here comes from silks. The same workout has helped Kim Kardashian look the way she is. This uplifting, efficient, and fun workout lets you fly high while strengthening, defining, and sculpting your legs, arms, abs, and booty of course (one of many reasons why it's Kim's favorite!!)

5 Lucy Lui’s Preferred Workout Routine is Pilates

The American actress has had some butt kicking roles in her time and she keeps her fabulous shape with regular Pilates sessions. Her favorite exercises are designed for her by her trainer, Jared Kaplan of New York’s Studio 26.

6 Look as Good as Gwyneth Paltrow with anti-gravity Yoga

It may not be about flying high as you would when following "aerial silks", but it definitely lifts your body and spirit enough to make you look like your favorite celebrity. Gwyneth Paltrow loves the idea of taking your workout off the ground – it's quite like aerials, but is a better choice for someone who's just starting out and doesn't have arms of steel.

7 50 Shades of Fitness for Dakota Johnson

To get in shape for her role as Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson followed a punishing routine of Pilates and cardio. Her Pilates exercises were designed by trainer Mari Winsor. The half-hour Pilates routine was then followed by half-hour of cardio, either running or spinning.

8 Nothing Mundane for Cameron Diaz as She like to Shockwave

It may be shocking, but it's effective, and that's probably the reason why celebrities like Cameron Diaz are all for it. The workout uses a perfect mix of circuits, body bars, Indo-Row machines, and kettle bells to help you chisel your abs. Bear the shock and you can win yourself those abs Diaz is so proud of.

9 Sofia Vergara Chooses to Focus on SLT

Ever wondered what Sofia Vergara does to be in perfect shape? Here's the secret – She does SLT – Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone. The workout is a cocktail of strength training, cardio, and Pilates, and like its acronym indicated, helps lengthen, strengthen, and tone your muscles. It uses a contraption called the Megaformer – a machine designed with straps, handles and pulls. It may look a bit intimidating but the actual workout is quite straightforward.

10 Jennifer Lopez Trusts in the Tracy Anderson Method

The Tracy Anderson Kool-Aid method is designed to change your body inside and out. A favorite with J-Lo, it shares the secrets of maintaining great physique. The best thing is that you don't have to worry if you don't have a studio near you – you actually bring Tracy home through live stream video subscription service.

11 Get a Beyoncé Booty with Daily HIIT

If you've been looking for a butt-kicking way to lose excess fat and turn your body into that of a supermodel, this high intensity interval workout is just what you want. This Beyoncé-approved workout delivers great results and is easy to do right from your own living room.

Which celeb’s body inspires you to work out? Do you follow any celebrity endorsed fitness programs? Do tell us your story.

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