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By Heather

If you’re looking for new job fields to investigate, and possibly consider a new career journey for yourself, check out some of these fast growing industries below. The economy may have taken a hit in the recent years, but there are actually many industries for women to pursue careers in right now that you might not have thought of. In fact, there are many new job fields specifically for women, which takes out half the competition for all of us females who are used to competing with men for prominent positions. Consider some of these growing new job fields for women. You might just find your new dream career in the meantime.

1 Yoga Instructors

One of my personal favorite new job fields that seems to be growing quickly for women, is yoga instruction. Yoga is more popular than ever, and in an economy where self employment is gaining more attention than ever, yoga instructors make the perfect solution to getting your own career doing something you love. You have to obtain at least 200 hours of training to get your certification, and there are several styles, and ways to go about obtaining certification. You can find out here at the Yoga Alliance website at: yogaalliance.org .

2 Bloggers

As a blogger, I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with the job growth in the blogging industry. When I first started a blog four years ago, I did so only because I loved it. Now, I’m seeing more than ever that many women are able to blog for a business. This isn’t for the faint of heart however, since it takes years to get a blog to a money-making level, but the opportunity is most definitely there. If you can afford to blog as a part-time job, writing about something you love, definitely give it some consideration. It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, and there are several online platforms to choose from to blog from. The two main and most popular platforms are Wordpress and Blogger. You find find each at : wordpress.com, and blogger.com.

3 Freelance Writers

Another industry that is increasing for women today is freelance writing. Freelance writers have a great deal of independence, as well as a great deal of choice in who they work with. This gives writers the opportunity to write for companies, or other individuals they may know, about issues they care about. Freelance writers can suffer dry spells where work is low, and then there may be points where they have too many assignments. Though men can certainly work as freelance writers just as easily as women, many women are turning to this job since it’s an at home position, which gives them more freedom, time with children if they have any, or simply an opportunity to pursue a new career. You can learn more about freelance writing and open jobs at: freelancewriting.com.

4 Healthcare Sales

Healthcare is a booming industry all the way. There’s no denying that our country’s healthcare system is always changing, and needs increase daily. The sales fields throughout the healthcare industry are also booming right now, and women have a special opportunity in this area to make a good bit of money. Sales are a top field for women to enter into anyway, if it’s something you enjoy. Whether as a pharmaceutical rep, healthcare marketing rep, hospice sales, or other forms of healthcare sales, there are multiple positions you may find yourself perfect for. To learn more about what jobs in the healthcare industry you might be interested in, speak with a local college, hospital, or medical supply company in your area about what requirements for jobs, and opportunities for jobs they have. Many women in this field can gross over $100,000 in their first year if they work hard enough.

5 PR Positions

PR, or public relations, is another top growing field for women. This job entails working with companies to promote their brand to the public. It’s a type of correspondence job that many women find themselves perfect for, due to women being fantastic networkers. If you have a certain company that you feel you would enjoy promoting to the public on a daily basis, this job might be for you. You can find PR jobs at: prsa.org.

6 Physician’s Assistant

Physician’s assistants have been one of the fastest growing job sectors throughout the last decade. Physician’s assistants are basically able to perform almost every duty that a doctor can, such as treat patients, diagnose patients, perform examinations, administer tests,and recommend courses of treatment. What’s the best part? You don’t have to go to med school for 6 years like a doctor, and the average income is about $86,000 a year. Not too bad, right? You will need Master’s Degree for this position, but once you complete school in this field, you’re pretty much ready to go. You should check with your local colleges for more information, or find an online college to attend if this position is one you think you might enjoy.

7 Interior Designer

Interior design is a fantastic field for women to enter into, and interior designers are becoming more popular with homeowners, when they’re looking to give their house a makeover. The best part is, so long as you know how to network effectively, and you’re good at what you do, you don’t even need to go to school to be an interior designer. All you need to do is decorate a good handful of homes for free, and ask that they spread around by word of mouth how great you were at the job. All the homeowners would have to pay for would be supplies, and then, after you get a “resume” together of your first several houses, take pictures, and start to market yourself like crazy. Networking can land you new jobs, and you can charge your own rates. Many women in this field can make at least $50,00 a year, all on their own schedules. Plus, you get to decorate tons of homes all in different ways. How fun does that sound? Pretty great, if you ask me!

These are some of my personal favorite new job fields for women, but if you have one that you’ve recently heard about, I’d love to hear it! What job field would you be interested in the most out of these, or do you have a new job field that you’ve recently switched to?

Source: cosmopolitan.com

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