How to Choose the Best Workout for You to Stick to Your Routine ...

By Hilary

Working out can be a drag if you don't enjoy the workout that you are doing. This can lead to you becoming lazy during the workout or choosing to skip the workout altogether. The best thing to do is find a workout that interests you, challenges you, and gives you a killer workout. What are you looking for in a workout? Are you looking to destress from the day, burn fat and lose weight, let out some pent up aggression, gain flexibility, have some adventures, or tone up? These factors will help to decide which is the best workout for you.

1 Looking to Destress

Working out can be a useful was to destress. There are many workouts that help with this but one of the best is yoga. Because yoga requires deep breathing and focusing on the mind and body, it causes you to wash away stress from your mind and focus on you. Simply get a mat and put on a yoga playlist from Pandora and you will have a great escape from whatever is causing you stress.

2 Looking to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Losing weight and burning fat can be a challenge and should not be with just exercise alone, but also with a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. An intense HIIT workout will kick up the weight loss and help you burn fat more quickly. These workouts are great cardio, usually using 20 seconds of cardio, such as burpees, or jumping jacks with 10 seconds of rest. There are usually about 4 to 5 sets of each exercise, giving you a killer workout. This workout is ideal for someone wanting to burn fat and lose weight.

3 Let out Some Aggression

Do you have some pent up aggression and anger from your day? If so, a boxing workout may be the workout for you. Boxing requires a lot of movement and a lot of punches. A punching bag is ideal for this workout, but not required. There are many different types of punches for this workout, from jabs to cross punches, to hooks. If learning how to punch and let go of anger is something that sounds good to you, a boxing workout may just be the workout that is best for you.

4 Gain Flexibility and Develop a Core

Have you always wanted to learn how to do the splits or a headstand without falling over? Do you also want to transform your abs into something strong and powerful? If so, pilates would be an ideal workout for you. Similar to yoga, pilates is very relaxing and can help you destress from the day, but it is also more intense and is a greater workout for your core. Whatever pilates matwork move you are doing, you are most likely using your core. Your abs will become flatter and stronger with this workout than any previous workout you have done. It is also great for flexibility as pilates moves stretch different parts of your body, lengthening them and making you more flexible. If you want a 6-pack and to become more flexible, pilates is the workout for you.

5 Have Some Adventures

Are you simply looking for something new to do in your spare time and to have some fun new adventures? If so, hiking may be the workout for you. Hiking is great because you get to enjoy the nature around you, while also getting some light cardio in. There is also a bonus if you walk up any hills, as this will help firm up your booty. There are many different places you can go hiking, from parks with walking trails, to mountains. The intensity of the hike depends on you. If you love the great outdoors and crave adventure, hiking is the workout for you.

6 Looking to Build Muscle

It's important for women to include at least two strength training sessions in their routine each week. Many women skip the weights because they don't want to look like a bodybuilder. Good news! You can build strong, toned muscles without bulking up. The great thing about strength training is that it builds lean muscle mass, which boosts metabolism and gives you a sleek silhouette. Resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight moves and even yoga all count.

7 Looking to Get Healthy Overall

There's no denying that fitting a workout into your schedule as often as possible is vital for a long, healthy life. As mentioned above, it's important to choose something you enjoy so you don't throw in the towel. A good mix of cardio and strength training is your best bet so put together a collection of moves and workouts that you love and then mix and match them to keep things fresh and exciting. Regular exercise will help ward off all kinds of health issues, from heart disease to cancer to obesity.

Choosing the best workout for you is important because it will keep you interested and motivated each day as you choose to stay or become more healthy. Depending on what your fitness goals are, one of these workouts will fit into your life with ease. Which workout do you think is best for you? Which one will you try today?

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