7 Motivating Workout Shirts You Should Be Wearing Now ...

By Chloe

There is nothing that makes me want to exercise more than some inspiring and motivating workout shirts. Let’s face it, some time or another you are going to not feel like working out. It is likely just a mental block that needs something to spark that motivating force inside you. That’s where these motivating workout shirts come in – they can inspire you to have the best workout possible with amazing results! The motivation of showing toned arms in a tank top is an added bonus.

1 Train Insane or Remain the Same

Train Insane or Remain the SameThere are many motivating workout shirts out there, but this tank top from blogilates.com is one of the best. The mantra is very straightforward – if you don’t do anything to spark change, you won’t. It is such a simple truth that many people have trouble grasping though, as shown by the enormous diet industry. The fact is you can’t take a magic pill to lose weight or build muscle; you need to work for it in some way. That’s why I think this shirt is the perfect motivation to get out there are and be active because it says that you have to rely on yourself to change instead of an outside source.

2 Suck It up

Suck It upThis tank top by FiredaughterClothing on etsy.com is a great motivator. Sometimes during your workout you really just need to suck it up and keep pushing on when you want to give up. You know what I’m talking about – those workouts where it seems you aren’t mentally there. So if your mind really wants to quit on you, what is there to do? Turn to this shirt for the answer, because one glance at it and you will want to keep on going until you become physically unstoppable.

3 Here Comes a Fighter

Here Comes a FighterI am absolutely in love with the message of this shirt! It makes the impression that whoever wears it will not give up without a fight. Endurance is definitely something I want to accomplish during a workout, and this shirt is great motivation to never give up! FiredaughterClothing on etsy.com has done it again, because this empowering tank top is great for working out. This shirt applies to almost anything, so you will feel like a fighter in this shirt no matter what your sport is.

4 Beast Mode

Beast ModeWhen I hear the word beast, I think of something strong, possibly crazy, or the slang meaning awesome. You want to be strong and have a crazy awesome workout at the gym, right? That’s why this shirt is great motivation for getting a new personal record and holding out as long as possible during your workout. If you do something like a beast, you are going to conquer it. I mean seriously, who can’t have a beast-like workout in a shirt like this? Thank you stronggirlclothing shop on etsy.com for turning women everywhere into beasts at the gym.

5 Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Eat Clean, Train DirtyThis shirt is great in more way than one because it motivates you in two very important healthy living areas – fitness and nutrition. The meaning is almost perfect though, because if you eat healthy and train hard, you are going to be a very healthy person. Seeing this on a shirt every day is just plain inspiring because seeing "train dirty" on a shirt is probably not going to make your workout an easy one! It can be found on etsy.com at Firedaughter Clothing and is available in a variety of colors.

6 I’d Flex but I like This Tank

I’d Flex but I like This TankAlthough it would be hard to rip a sleeveless tank top by flexing, I still find this tank top by strongconfidentYOU on etsy.com amazing. Women aren’t typically thought of as having the best upper body strength, but this tank top proves those stereotypes wrong! This witty tank top shows that anyone can be strong as long as you put the work into it. I mean, some of us girls have the biceps to rip shirts, am I right?

7 Your Workout is My Warm-up

Your Workout is My Warm-upRemembering the start of your fitness journey and where you are now is inspiration at its best. This shirt sends the message that your warm-up now is what you once considered a workout. That is a great reminder that you have come far, and you are going to keep moving forward and increasing fitness. I love that this shirt also doubles as a motivation to others, because they may be motivated to push themselves as well if they see your shirt. Signaturetshirts on etsy.comsells this motivating workout tank top, with four different color choices!

Every one of these workout shirts is a great motivator if you find yourself in an exercise or motivation rut. Although the messages on these shirts are inspiring on their own, the tank tops can provide additional motivation to tone up – it’s a win-win situation. I hope you found these shirts encouraging because I sure did! What is your favorite motivation to work out?

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