10 Motivational Ways to Get Yourself to Exercise for Lazy Girls ...

By Lucy

Exercise can be really fun and it's super healthy for us! Need that extra boost to get yourself into regular exercise? Keeping reading for all the motivation you'll ever need!

1 You Will Feel Great

hair, clothing, human positions, lady, blond,Exercising and working out actually makes you feel good!

Even if you don't normally exercise all that often and you decide to go for a run, you will feel tired afterwards but that's to be expected since you're body is out of practise and it's like your body treats it as a shock to the system. That's why it's important to keep it up, don't give up out of fatigue and exhaustion.

Give yourself a couple of days to regain your strength and give your body time to adjust, then do it again! Keep doing this to get yourself into the routine of exercising a couple of days each week.

Before long you should start to feel pretty good, certainly a lot more healthy and fit than before.

2 Sweating is Healthy

human action, person, jogging, fashion, sports,Sweating is actually good for you! It's known to strengthen and boost our immune system, increases blood circulation, open up and unclog pores, prevent colds and other illnesses and rid our bodies of unwanted toxins.

Sweating is also a sign that our bodies are trying to cool us down to prevent us from overheating. So if you're sweating while you're exercising, you know you've been worked hard!

3 It's Great for Your Health

human action, clothing, person, active undergarment, underpants,Exercise improves our health immensely for numerous reasons, a couple being that it helps to maintain a healthy weight and lowers our risk of some diseases (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, just to name a few).

Exercising is also our way of looking after our bodies, and it's important to help it out every now and again considering how much it does for us on a daily basis.

Think of exercise as your way of thanking your body and simply returning the favour.

4 You Can Make It a Hobby

clothing, active undergarment, thigh, undergarment, leg,Lots of people exercise regularly not because they have to in order to be healthy but because they love it!

Many people think of exercising as a hobby much like cooking, baking and photography. This is a great reason to exercise, since we all have to do it, it may as well be fun and enjoyable, right?

One way to make exercise into a hobby could be to get some friends together and attend an aerobics class. These are always very fun and let you dance around, and although you might feel silly, it's okay because everyone else is doing the exact same thing and you can have a laugh about it together. This is like double the exercise, since laughter is the best medicine, very healthy and releases endorphins.

5 It Will Improve Your Mood

Dolní Oblast Vítkovice, clothing, human positions, leg, thigh,Those who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing depression, and on top of that, it can actually be a behavioural treatment for those who do suffer from depression.

Exercise-related boots will improve your overall mental and physical health in the long-term, since aerobic exercise causes your body's endorphins to kick in which ultimately improves your mood.

It's also very common to exercise as a way of 'letting off steam' when you're feeling particularly flustered, angry or upset, since it's known to make you feel better.

6 It Can Help You Lose Weight

human action, structure, person, room, fitness professional,You truly don't need to try different diets if you're looking to lose weight. Dieting can be risky and dangerous because it can lead to serious eating-disorders further down the road, which you may struggle to get out of once your body is in the habit of eating in such a different way.

So instead of taking the chance, stick to exercise and see this as your key solution to losing weight in a healthy and safe way!

7 You Will Gain Confidence

clothing, thigh, human positions, leg, brown hair,Exercise can improve your self-esteem and self-confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves generally speaking.

8 Cute Workout Clothes

hair, human positions, clothing, sitting, footwear,We don't know about you, but we are obsessed with workout clothes. If you work out on a regular basis, you have an excuse to buy those cute patterned leggings you've been eyeing or that adorable strappy sports bra. You can even reward yourself if you meet certain goals.

9 You Learn to Set Goals

clothing, person, muscle, thigh, leg,Planning out when you'll be working out and learning to stick to a routine can be super beneficial and rewarding. Setting goals and something to reach for can keep you ambitious and motivated, which can spill over to other parts of your life, too!

10 You'll Sleep Better

clothing, leg, undergarment, thigh, blond,Nothing feels quite as nice as a good night's rest. By working out, you actually are promoting a better quality sleep! Exercising keeps you energized during the day and studies show that it has been shown to improve sleep for people who have a harder time falling asleep!

So now is the time to start feeling better about ourselves by doing something important for ourselves...and that's exercise!

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