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By Jelena

Quick Exercises to Lose Weight I’m about to list here are fun to do, can be done in the comfort of your home and won’t take a lot of your time. Now isn’t that just great? Aren’t quick exercises to lose weight something we’ve all been hoping to find at some point? Well, good, so let’s get started then! And here are 9 cool and most importantly quick exercises to lose weight, tighten your muscles and get those heads turning your way!

1 Tighten Your Abs

Tighten Your AbsIf belly fat is giving you trouble and you’re devastated by the fact that no matter how much weight you lose fat simply remains “locked” in this area, try the easiest of all of these quick exercises to lose weight! Tighten your abs, then release and tighten again. You can do this in your office, at home while watching TV, in the kitchen while preparing food, on a staff meeting, in the supermarket – ANYWHERE! These modified sit ups aren’t as effective as the regular ones but they sure do the trick and could help you have a flatter, tighter belly and better posture.

2 Use Steps

Use StepsWant a great booty and a pair of legs to die for? Why not use the steps then? Put your comfy running shoes on, pick a staircase with exactly 20 steps (you might already have one at home) and do 4 sets to warm up, then another 4 sets and finish your workout by climbing those steps like kids when they want to show off (skip one). Not really time consuming, you’ll agree but enough to make you sweat and burn calories!

3 Shake Your Booty

Shake Your BootyShake, shake, shake, shake your boooooty! LOL! It’s an old song, I know, and it doesn’t have to be on your playlist but if you’re really interested in quick exercises to lose weight, you simply must consider dancing. Stretch to the sound of your favorite, slow, romantic song, burn that belly fat and love handles by shaking your hips to the latest hits by Shakira and tone the rest of your body by practicing a self-made choreography for those upbeat, body-rocking club hits. Your neighbors might not be thrilled, but you’ll sure have a great time!

4 Weird but Effective

Weird but EffectiveHere’s one rather weird exercise all of the ladies on the aerobics classes I used to attend felt very uncomfortable doing in front of sweaty guys lifting weights. Lay down, spread your legs and bend your knees so only your feet would touch the floor. Lift your hips and your lower back but keep your upper back on the ground. Now slowly return to the previous position but don’t let your butt touch the ground. Repeat this movement 15 times, count to 10 (with your hips in the air as described above), then do 15 more. Yes, I know the position is rather “indecent” but it does wonders for tights and glutes and since it won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time, it’s certainly falls under the category of quick exercises to lose weight you must try.

5 Fast Walking

Fast WalkingAerobic exercises but a lot of calories and fast walking is certainly one of them! It’s more effective than slow walking and less exhausting than running so load your iPod will all the latest hits and hit the park! You can start your training by walking slow, then pick up the pace for 10 minutes or more (if you can) and finish it up by another 5 or 10 minutes of slow walking. A 30 minute training such as this one should be an easy one to fit into your schedule and burns about 100-150 calories.

6 Jumping Jacks

Jumping JacksLooking for more quick exercises to lose weight? Well, here’s one you might want to try while watching TV or, even better, during the commercial break. Stretch and jump a little bit to warm up (we don’t want to get hurt now, don’t we?) then do 25 repeats of those good old fashioned, oh-so effective jumping jacks. Jump raising your hands above your head and landing your feet to the sides then return to your previous position (straight stand) and repeat the same thing again.

7 Home Jogging

Home JoggingYou can jog on a rainy day even if you don’t own a treadmill. How? Simply jog in one place! We used to do in on the aerobics class all the time and I still remember how exhausting it was! Now, I’m not sure if it was as exhausting as the real deal (I hate jogging) but I can say my legs and butt looked pretty darn awesome at the time. Play some music to keep you motivated (or turn MTV) and jog for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

8 Kicks and Punches

Kicks and PunchesMy instructor used to call this “tension relief” joking how most of us is probably trying to imagine a frenemy while landing a kick but, since this post is not about frenemies or self defense but quick exercises to lose weight, I’ll just switch right to explaining how to do it. Stand straight, spread your legs slightly and bend your arms to form a “ready to punch you” posture. Now, you’ll land a slow kick by throwing your right fist followed by the left leg (like in the movies), return to the first position and repeat that with your left arm and right leg. Focus on the force and movements rather than the speed, of course, because throwing your arms and legs around like you’re a sock puppet could cause serious injuries. Repeat this 20 times than, if you can, do another set of 20 repeats.

9 Reversed Push Ups

Reversed Push UpsRegular pushups are really hard to do and require a lot of strength, strength I never seemed to obtain no matter how much I exercised. Luckily, everything changed the moment I discovered this easier but also very effective, push-up like exercise and if you feel like your arms could use some exercise, here’s how to do them. First of all, sit down, bend your knees slightly leaving only your feet on the ground. Stretch your arms behind your body fixing the palms on the ground as well. Now lift your hips of the ground, bending your elbows to move your body up and down. Repeat 15 times, count to 10 balancing your body slightly above the ground, then repeat another 15 times. Once this exercise becomes too easy, you can intensify your training by doing more sets or using only the heels of your feet to maintain balance.

Don’t these quick exercises to lose weight sound great? And the best thing is that you can do most of them at home, in your free time! Do you know some other interesting quick exercises to lose weight ladies and could you explain them or suggest some exercise videos worth watching?

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