9 Reasons to Love Exercise ...

By Ellie

For a lot of us, they very thought of exercise makes us squirm. But there are plenty of reasons to love exercise! Read Ellie's post to know why you should make fitness a part of your life. Thanks Ellie!

For those starting a new exercise regime, the whole process can be quite daunting. The challenges of knowing when, what, where and how of the whole operation can be tricky to navigate, leading to a lot of us giving up even before starting. But before you decide that exercise isn't for you, read on to learn why you should love exercise.

1 State of Mind

You never regret a workout. Seriously. Unless you literally faint, puke, pull or break something, workout bliss is pretty hard to beat. All that oxygen running to your brain really lifts your mood and sets you up for a more positive day. Ask anyone who exercises and they’ll tell you it’s the best natural depressant and stress reliever available. And you don’t have to spend a dime.

2 It’s Economic

Don’t be tricked into thinking that you need an expensive gym membership to get in shape. If you have the money then go for it, but you can get fit at home just as easily and for much cheaper. I myself am an advocate of exercise DVDs which you can buy relatively cheap online at Amazon. Likewise, go old school and lace up your sneakers for a workout in the park or hit the pavement. Not only will exercising outside cost you nothing, but also the new and changing environment will keep you motivated all through your workout.

3 It’s Key to Great Health

Nutrition comes into play here as well but exercise is often the building block to better eating and healthier habits. Face it, if you’re working your body from the outside you don’t want to fill it with garbage. Small steps led to success and exercise will defiantly make a huge difference not only in your energy levels but in your weight loss goals, endurance, heart heal and eating style. Pretty soon you’ll be making a lifestyle change that will you can stick to.

4 Flexibility

Remember being a kid with those old school gym stretches? Back then I couldn't touch my toes and I really didn’t care. However once I started exercising, in a matter of weeks I began to see my flexibility improve to the point where I could touch my toes and hold it. Yeah a small achievement maybe but not only does it give you bragging rights, but good flexible can take stress off your joints and prevent injury. If you really want great flexibility, look into Yoga or Pilates, which are great strength building workouts that focus on building your body’s flexibility.

5 Prevents Illness

My doctor is constantly praising the benefits of regular exercise not just for heart health but also in the prevention of illness. Well, the doc knows his stuff. Regular exercise is an all-natural treatment for all sorts of ailments. It boosts your body immune system, helps protect against heart attacks, infection, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. Want fewer sick days…exercise just may be the answer.

6 Longevity

We all know there isn't a fountain of youth, but exercise has been proven to lengthen your life. How? Well consider how exercise helps fight illness. By dropping your risk of disease and disabilities, you’ll be able to enter your golden years with great mental and physical shape. Exercise has also been linked to fighting off Dementia and arthritis.

7 Fight off Weight Gain/ Weight Loss

The number one reason most people start exercising is because they want to lose weight and this is an awesome goal to have. Exercise will certainly get you started on the right foot. Combined with proper nutrition, daily physical exercise can help you shed pounds and keep them off.

8 Sleep Better

Exercise produces endorphins; chemicals that help a person feel more peaceful and happy. Turns out these same chemicals can not only help people who struggle with depression but also help with insomnia or sleep problems. After all a girl needs her beauty rest, right?

9 Self Esteem

Exercising makes you feel better about yourself, plain and simple. Your body wasn’t intended to be stationary all day and once you get moving, everything quickly becomes attuned. Once more as you lose weight, tighten up and meet your fitness challenges, your self-esteem with grow and pretty soon you’ll start feel awesome everyday.

There are tons of benefits to working out and these only skim the surface but they are nine amazing bonuses to exercising. Too many people leave exercise out of their weight loss plans and it’s really to their loss. It may seem daunting to start but you will soon see that you are strong enough to meet these challenges and your body will thank you for it again and again.

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