7 Tips to Turn Your "Impossible" Fitness Goals into Possible ...

By Tara

We all need tips to turn impossible fitness goals into possible because we all make empty goals to ourselves. "This year, I’m going to run my first marathon," or "Next month, I’m going to shave a minute off my mile," or even "One day, I’m going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro." We sprinkle ambitious goals into conversations with friends at parties and with colleagues at work. However, it seems these deeds are much more easily said than done. Year after year our ambitious to-do lists remain unchecked and we become less and less motivated to see them through to the end. But as a successful personal trainer and health coach, I have tips to turn impossible fitness goals into possible and help make your fitness dreams into a reality!

1 Impossible Fitness Goal: Break the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

The easy solution is to consult a good personal trainer. Sometimes we need a little one-on-one attention to get us to the goal weight we desire. We are often unsuccessful because they try to fit into the mold of what we think we should be doing, instead of trying something tailored to our personal preference. Some of us may be turned off by the cost of personal trainers and health experts, but many people don’t realize these sessions need not last forever. But a trainer can lend tips to turn impossible fitness goals into possible. And if funds are that tight you can go to your local gym and have a personal session trial that is usually free to at least get some tips to help you get out of a fitness rut.

2 Think of a Personal Training Session as an Investment

Once you have the knowledge and guidance that can only come from a certified health professional, you will have the tools to defeat your waistline woes once and for all. Whether overcoming weight-loss challenges, running their first marathons, or improving their overall health, I have coached my clients through their most difficult fitness endeavors. Along the way, I have taught them to live by the credo that taking on a personal fitness milestone is just as much a physical feat as it is a mental one. And for these reasons a trainer can be a well worth investment!

3 Impossible Fitness Goal: Lose Those Last Five-Ten Pounds

The easy solution is to enter a weight-loss contest. The most important thing to do when getting rid of those last few unwanted pounds is to stay motivated. What better way to do so than with a little competition? Join a weight-loss competition or start one with friends and family in order to get you through a diet slump. Studies show support from a partner or buddy will increase your chances for successful weight loss. If there’s a prize involved, the cash incentive will give you that extra push to see this objective to the end. You’ll lose those nagging pounds easily – no contest!

4 Impossible Fitness Goal: Run Your First Marathon

The easy solution is to start training early. The most important thing about training for a marathon is to start NOW. Race day is the culmination of months of training and preparation. However, don’t be discouraged by the commitment you are about to make. The Internet offers workout-building devices and nutrition calculators to help you set a realistic training program. By creating a personalized training guide, you know exactly how much time you need to get race-day ready. There are thousands of marathons each year, so don’t feel rushed to get this lofty goal checked off your list. You will make it happen in due time!

5 Impossible Fitness Goal: Break a Personal Record

This is such an easy solution because it is to take a break! Competing in a 5K, 10K, marathon, or triathlon is a feat in itself, but breaking a previous race time is a glorious accomplishment. A faster time is concrete proof of all your hard work and dedication, regardless of whether or not you won the race. In order to beat a personal record at your next competition, keep track of your progress daily, including on off-days, and take breaks often. The worst thing you can do before race day is to burn yourself out. When I monitor my clients' progress, I have found that runners at a 10 minute/mile pace tend to lose about 15 seconds when they walk for one minute. This means that for every minute run, the runner only has to run 5 seconds faster. This break also gives the runner time to recover and regain his or her strength. For veteran competitors, running at a slower pace, rather than walking, can have similar effects on your race time.

6 Impossible Fitness Goal: Bounce Back from an Injury or Hiatus

The easy solution for this is to alternate between different types of workouts. Re-starting your old fitness regimen can be more difficult than it was the first time around. The fear of a repeat injury or being unable to complete a desired work-out can be daunting. During the first few weeks back of releasing your pent-up physical and emotional energy, there is a danger of overdoing it. I recommend working out differently than you are used to. Biking or swimming can be great alternatives to running and weight-lifting, for example. Trying a new fitness program will not only force you to start slow, but will help keep your body sturdy when you decide to return to your normal work-out.

7 Impossible Fitness Goal: Staying Motivated

The easy solution to stay motivated is to get up and just do your workout. Do not over think your fitness plan or you may rationalize a way out of doing this. Make sure you write up a plan so that you stay on track and reward yourself with new fitness gear every now and then so you are motivated to stay fit!

Evaluate your goals in terms of the joy and fulfillment they will bring you once they are completed. No matter how big or small, each milestone will make you stronger in body and mind. When beginning your next fitness task, keep these expert tips in mind and before you know it, you’ll be scaling Mt. Everest. What is the biggest fitness feat you have ever accomplished?

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