7 Ways to Be like a Superfit Celebrity Mom ...

By Tara

Do you ever look at the magazines and read about a superfit celebrity mom and wonder how they do it? Sure, they may have a personal chef, personal trainer and nannies helping them, but they are putting in all the hard work exercising. There is no one doing the work for them when they run, do pushups or push out several sets of burpees. So there is no difference between you and them, right? They sweat just like you and get out of breath on a run. They work hard in every work out and their results are all hard earned. Just look at Brooke Burke or Heidi Klum, how do they look so good after having children? As a mom of three, I will tell you it is a lot of work getting in shape after children. Here are tips on how to look like a superfit celebrity mom.

1 Be Your Own Personal Chef

Forget the stress over what to eat each day and plan ahead. If you plan your meals the day prior, you will have all the ingredients on hand and be less likely to go off the healthy menu. In order to stay on track, it is important to plan ahead. This is one of the most important contributors to a superfit celebrity mom like Brooke Burke looking so good after having four children! It is all about pre-planning.

2 Hire a Personal Trainer

If you want to find the best workout plan, it is sometimes best to leave the advice to the professionals. Personal trainers spend their entire day developing workouts and helping their clients to stay on track. So find a certified and experienced personal trainer and hire them for help. If you find it difficult with your busy “on the go” schedule as a mom, hire a trainer for early mornings. Some trainers will even come to your home and set up equipment to train you. This is convenient because you can work out in the early hours of the morning while your family sleeps in. If you are tight on funds, hire a trainer for a once a week session and after 6 months to a year, begin training on your own following the customized plan they created for you.

3 Use a Nap as Your Nanny

If you do not have childcare help and you find it a crunch to find some solo time for a workout, plan your workout when your child naps. I use the time when my 17 month old son naps as my fitness time to go for a 45 minute intense calorie burning session right in my home. If you can plan your workouts as part of your daily routine, you will be just like Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford and Reese Witherspoon. They all make fitness a priority and that is why they look the way they do. Plus you will have more energy for your children, better health and be in a better mood!

4 Eat Your Greens

Even if a personal chef plans the meals for the day, celebrity moms that are superfit eat plenty of greens. This includes salads, spinach, kale and other vegetables. Although no one is perfect, they try to stay on track to their healthy eating and they have a lean waist to show for this. So make your goal to eat for health rather than just pleasure. If you eat to better your health, you will look at food in a whole new light. Let food be your natural medicine to better health!

5 Drink Plenty of Water

It is so important to drink plenty of water each day to avoid dehydration, flush toxins out of your system and curb your appetite. Aim for 8-12 glasses of water daily and you will see a difference in your overall appetite and even in your skin! This is one of the reasons celebrities have such great skin!

6 Take Mini Fit Vacations

Celebrity moms visit spas to renew themselves and take fit vacations. You should consider taking a mini fit vacation where you can schedule a bike tour, kayaking, and hiking. By taking a mini fit vacation, you will get some time to focus on yourself since often moms are so busy focusing on their children, it is easy to forget themselves.

7 Exercise with Your Children

Teaching your children that being fit is fun is very important. What you teach your children today will affect them for the rest of their lives. So if your children are old enough, take them with you on a run or for a game of tennis. Find sports that they enjoy and make wonderful memories together. Even celebrity moms focus on family fitness because it is important to teach your little ones to make their health a priority. I became a runner at the young age of 7 by taking short runs with my father and now I have run hundreds of races. So make your children part of your workout when you can.

I hope my tips on how to be a superfit celebrity mom have helped you. Remember, you are special and unique just because of who you choose to be, so make a choice to prioritize your health. You deserve it. Who is your favorite superfit celebrity mom and why?

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