7 Yoga Poses for Back Pain That Work like a Charm ...

By Chloe

There are so many great yoga poses for back pain out there. However, many people are afraid to try them because they think it will make your pain worse. If you are suffering from chronic low back pain, make sure you consult your doctor first, because doing something wrong in yoga really could make things problematic. With temporary and sporadic pain, these yoga poses for back pain really work. They not only provide instant relief from your pain, but also give you lasting alignment in your spine so that your back doesn’t hurt for a while. If you find nothing is working for you to help with your back pain, try yoga – you may be surprised to see results!

1 Cobra Pose

Cobra PoseCobra pose is one of the best yoga poses for back pain. It lengthens and stretches your spine backwards, which is very relaxing. I always do this pose after doing a forward bend just to get my spine moving in the other direction. To perform cobra pose, start on your hands and knees. From there, slowly lower your hips towards the floor, straighten your legs (or extend to your head as above), and move forward with your arms. Roll your shoulders back and look up to the sky; hold for as many deep breaths as you need and focus on relieving tension in your back.

2 Child’s Pose

Child’s PoseWhat I love most about child’s pose is that almost anyone can do it. It is a beginner pose, is great for the back, and helps relieve neck pain as well. This pose is just so good for relieving lower back stress, I can’t recommend it enough. Start by going onto your hands and knees, and then slowly sit back onto your heels and bring your forehead to the floor (or as close as possible, there’s no rush!). Extend your arms forward; release the pressure in your lower and upper back with slow, deep inhales and exhales.

3 Cat Pose

Cat PoseThe combination of this pose and cow pose are really great for evening out your spine. This pair of yoga poses is so relaxing on your back, and very gentle as well. Go to cat pose first by going on your hands and knees, head up, and slowly extend your spine by lowering your belly slightly as shown. Counter this pose with cow pose, which is moving to have your head facing down and arching your spine so that you are almost curling up. Make sure you breathe deeply as you alternate between them to get the best pain relief.

4 Savasana

SavasanaBelieve it or not, sometimes all your back needs is to lie down on a flat surface. If you have been stuck in a car or hunched over all day, your spine is likely out of alignment. Performing savasana on a flat surface will ensure that your spine will readjust itself. To perform savasana, all you have to do is lie down on your back, close your eyes, and find the most comfortable place to put your arms. Breathing in this pose (and any pose) is essential so that you really focus on the tension release and healing.

5 Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward BendIf you perform this correctly, a forward bend can be excellent in relieving lower back pain. However, if you bend at your back instead of hips, you will just be unnaturally bending your spine even more. That’s why it is so important to perform this right instead of incorrectly. Perform a seated forward bend by sitting down with your feet out in front of you. Breathe deeply, and slowly extend your arms towards your ankles, folding over your legs, and making sure you are hinging forward at your hips. Breathe deeply and just feel the lower back pain release.

6 Camel Pose

Camel PoseThis yoga pose is great for fixing that stiff back from hunching over all day. That’s because it moves your spine in the opposite direction and is good for counteracting the motion. To go to camel pose, start on your hands and knees but lift your hands off the ground. Slowly bend backwards to grasp your ankles, extending your head back. Continue with deep breaths as you keep trying to lengthen and make your spine more flexible.

7 Standing Backbends

Standing BackbendsYou may actually do this yoga pose daily as a stretch and not even know it. This pose is very simple, yet so effective at stretching everything. All you have to do to perform it is take a grounded standing position. Then, simply bend backwards and extend your arms back as well. Breathe deeply and try to extend your spine backward as much as possible without falling over. If you are a more advanced yogi, you can do actual back bends on the ground instead of standing ones for similar results.

You no longer have to suffer through back pain from whatever the cause may be. Make sure you check with your doctor before doing any of these poses, and stay safe when practicing yoga by performing each pose correctly. What is your favorite stretch for back pain?

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